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Tales from the Adventures of the Company from Kerr:

Jake, David, Bisonbit, & Gilden


June 2011

In 2010 I created a new campaign world to use for a limited arc of adventures, the building of which I detailed in this Workshop thread on Dragonsfoot. My intention was to run a limited number of adventures across a series of worlds. Each would be, in essence, a mini-campaign setting intended for short term use. Shahrivar was the first one I built. Turns out it was the only one I built.

This adventure arc started with Module WG4, The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, which I last DM'd about 25 years ago. The second time I ran it was as much fun as the first, so instead of moving on to other things I changed the arc to be giant driven, and decided to run several more adventures in Shahrivar. It was fun but my players and I are all ready to move onto other things. To wrap up the arc I wrote The Giants of Tharizdun, both as a logical conclusion to the arc and as an homage to Gary Gygax.

A couple of people who post their campaign journals on Dragonsfoot inspired me to write a campaign journal, Predavolk and PaladinesAngel. The campaigns and writing styles are different, and I enjoy both.

Predavolk is the DM of his campaign and has been publishing his journal since 2005:

Crazy Canucks vs. G1-3 AND D1-3 AND Q1

PaladinesAngel is the player in a series of campaigns and has published journals for each. Her DM is a killer DM who has TPKd numerous parties. While this is not my style of play, I like her prose:

2nd edition Ad&d "Night of the Walking Dead!"

Unearthed Arcana & the Company of the Sun/Hawk

Maztican campaign (2nd edition)

Temple of Elemental Evil, and the desert of desolation

The Lendore isles adventures

Once more into the Breach

Since I enjoy both sets of campaign journals so much, I decided to emulate them and my CJ, which is a fictionalize version of the events that occur during play.

Note: Anyone who thinks this isn't work is clueless. It takes about as long to write up the adventure as it did to play it! :-)

We completed the Giants of Tharizdun in November 2011 and started on the next one.

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