The Giants of Tharizdun

Tales from the Adventures of the Company from Kerr:

Jake, David, Bisonbit, & Gilden


The setting is the land of Shahrivar, a formerly peaceful land overrun by giant-led goblinoids about 500 years before the present time. Most humans are slaves with the exception of a few free human cities in the barren, northern mountains, and one on an island off the southern coast.

A peninsula on the western coast is the home of western elven and dwarven kingdoms. While there has never been open warfare between the two nations, they have never gotten along. However, over the past 20 years the giant-led attacks have become more and more effective, and both peoples feel the pressure. This has finally forced the xenophobic races to make common cause in the face of eventual mutual extinction.

Enter the party. Jake, David, Bisonbit, and Gilden previously left their homeland, choosing to travel with a band of good giants on their great ship of stone. This huge vessel is one of the few capable to safely traversing the 12,000 - 15,000 miles of ocean that lay between the many continents. Our valiant band of adventurers saw this travel as a unique opportunity and jumped at the chance when the giants invited them to travel. Joining a few other humans already on board the restocked ship headed out across the ocean.

The first new continent they reached was Shahrivar, although after traveling south along the coast for several days the ship found no evidence of habitation. Eventually finding a sheltered bay they stopped to take on fresh water and what supplies they could gather. There a fellow human female passenger was captured by norkers and taken to an old temple. Charging to the rescue, the courageous (but totally insane) party defeated the goblinoids, rescued the girl, and explored the cyst below the temple.

There they encountered the shade of Tharizdun, a god-like being imprisoned in a time so long ago that its imprisonment is legend to Cieldren, the dwarven god who is believed to be the eldest living god. Ranting against his imprisonment, Tharizdun enflames the giants and goblinoids to create havoc, and harangues his followers to continue efforts to free him.

Sadly, in the cyst the dwarf Gilden was turned to ash after eating the fruit of a tree. Horrified the party traveled back to the surface, only to discover Gilden sitting there, unharmed. "Cieldren saved me from death. In return he asked that I save the dwarves of this land. Without help the giants and goblinoids will overrun and eradicate them within 20 years. I will not be traveling farther with you and the good giants."

Being somewhat insane, totally foolish, and always looking for a good adventure, the other party members agreed to remain in this land with Gilden, understanding that the task they faced was impossible and without the giants and their great stone ship, ever returning home was unlikely. They accept apparently suicidal assignments from the dwarven leadership, and to everyone's surprise (including their own) they not only survived, they overcome and destroy their enemies.

During the following 3 years the party met and fought many giants and their minions, destroying the stronghold of hill giants, clearing goblinoids from an old dwarven city, and twice mauling frost giant strongholds. This small group has destroyed more giants than any group 100 times their size, inflicting horrible losses upon the enemy leadership. They are known throughout Shahrivar as saviors or butchers ... depending on who is telling the story.

Their next task? Near the southern coast lies an ancient giantish temple to Tharizdun. Their job, yet another suicidal one, is to clear the giants and their followers from the temple. Demonstrating a complete lack of good sense they immediately agree that this is a good idea!

Cast of Characters

Player: Eric

Eric plays the following characters:


human Fighter L8 / Magic User L9, alignment NG, follows Demeter.

David is about 25, he is VERY intelligent, brave, and impetuous ... and has a 6 Wisdom that typically governs his actions. He loves going headlong into situations. His decisions always sound good on the surface but tend to go awry because he doesn't think things through far enough.


human Cleric L9, alignment NG, follows Demeter.

About 30 years of age, this cleric is fairly intelligent, very wise ... Bisonbit has made a career of keeping Jake and David (recently mostly David) from dying stupidly. He is generally the voice of reason in the party.


human Druid L3, alignment N, follows Sylvanus, henchman to David.

Faraz just signed on as henchman to the most famous wizard across the parts of Shahrivar not controlled by the goblinoids. He really isn't sure what he's got himself in for but seeks to do his part in freeing the land.

Player: Patrick

Patrick plays the following characters:


human Fighter L10, alignment NG, follows Demeter.

Jake is intelligent -- formerly impetuous to the point of stupidity, but he has learned caution -- sometimes too much caution. He loves telling David he's wrong, then failing to come up with a better plan he goes along with David's plan (which typically fails in some way). When things go badly (which they often do) he kills things.


dwarf Cleric L9, alignment LG, follows Cieldren, the chief dwarven god.

Gilden tends to be quiet and cautious, hangs back and doesn't put himself forward all that much. Loves his battle axe which was blessed by the dwarven god Cieldren himself! Not really all that effective in combat, never-the-less he always dives into the fight!


human Monk L3, alignment LG, follows Donblas, henchwoman to Jake.

Trilla recently signed on as henchwoman with the fighter who is considered one of the greatest heroes alive in the land of Shahrivar. While she's good at following orders she also wants to prove herself and will not be condescended to. This attitude makes her a fit for the party but is likely to shorten her lifespan.

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