The Werewolves of Kerr

Tales from the Adventures of the Company from Kerr:

Jake, David, Bisonbit, & Gilden


After five years of fighting in the world of Shahrivar, the Company from Kerr is back home in Trivana.

Trivana is as peaceful a land as any -- any land which has orcs and giants and dragons -- and other horrific monsters. The Company has to balance competing duties -- their urgent duty as members of the dwarven clan Gilderlo to protect the interests of all dwarves, vs. their duties to their respective deities to uphold their needs. Often the goals are similar ... but not always.

Kerr is situated in the southern end of the Gravlach mountains. East are fertile coast lands which are governed by many different city-states. South and south-west are the lands of the Empire of Sathea, a relatively benign empire which has historically been friendly with Kerr and other mountain city-states ... possibly because of the difficulties of successfully attacking the city-states, and the greater difficulty of maintaining control if they did win.

North are several city-states, and the northern most in the chain is Rendelshod, a powerful city-state, the home of the dwarven clan Gilderlo and the base of operations for the Council of Rendelshod, a powerful band of ex-adventurers. Farther north is the Orc Kingdoms. To the north-west lies the Great Northern Plains, and due west is the Elfwood, home of the Silver Elves.

The Company needs to fulfill a prior commission to find and destroy greymen forces that have been plaguing the mountains and east coast. But before that they must find and stop a savage creature that has been killing within Kerr during the full moon for the past few moons.

Cast of Characters

Player: Eric

Eric plays the following characters:


human fighter L9 / magic user L10, age 30, alignment NG, follows Demeter.

VERY intelligent, brave, and impetuous ... David has a 6 Wisdom that typically governs his actions. He has great faith in his own abilities as well as those of his companions, which sometimes leads him to underestimate situations. David has begun to think of himself as a wizard first and swordsman second, a radical change from his younger days.

For his part in destroying the Chaos Gargoyle in an ancient temple of Tharizdun in Shahrivar, the dwarven god Cieldren gifted David with the ability to shape change into a true dwarf, temporarily granting all the racial abilities.


human cleric L11, age 35, alignment NG, follows Demeter.

Fairly intelligent, very wise ... Bisonbit has made a career of keeping Jake and David (recently mostly David) from dying stupidly. Formerly the brains of the party, the cleric has made it a point to step back and let Jake and David steer the course.

Bisonbit recently received training in the preferred weapon of his patron goddess and her clerics, the spear. He has 1st level specialization with this weapon (+1 to-hit and damage, 3/2 attacks).


human druid L5, age 35, alignment N, follows Sylvanus, henchman to David.

Faraz survived his first adventure as henchman to the most famous wizard in Shahrivar. His experiences so far have been continuous fear punctuated by periodic horror. A veteran of years of border fighting, the young druid has earned more combat experience in two days with this group than he did in years of border fighting. The two clerics are the sanest members of the group and they donít think twice about charging a band of giants.

His gift, granted with agreement from his patron god Silvanus, is that his body is resistant to magic and poisons (Faraz has the dwarven bonus on saving throws vs. wands, staves, rods, spells, and poison).

Player: Patrick

Patrick plays the following characters:


human fighter L11, age 30, alignment NG, follows Demeter.

Jake has accepted his role as the human champion of a dwarven god, wielding the bastard Sword of Cieldren to great effect. The devotion of the dwarves initially proved disconcerting, but he is now accepting that while keeping in mind that his responsibilities outweighs any personal benefit. His companions understand why Jake was chosen for this role.

Jake's gift from Cieldren was training in dwarven fighting style, giving him a strong defensive edge when fighting goblinoids and giant class creatures (-4 on AC vs. such creatures).


dwarf cleric L9, age 133, alignment LG, follows Cieldren, the chief dwarven god.

Gilden is now devoted to supporting the new human champion of Cieldren. But he is not blind to Jake's shortcomings and works constantly to school Jake in being a dwarf. Gilden is secretly dissatisfied that Jake continues to worship Demeter rather than Cieldren.

As a cleric of Cieldren, Gilden was granted a great power. Once per week he can forge/enchant any single basic item, granting enchantment to the item. He has little control over the exact effects, which last 24 hours, but the greater the value of the sacrifice, the greater the enchantment. At the end of the period the item fades away. The party carries tremendously valuable rings to use as the sacrifice.


human monk L5, age 22, alignment LG, follows Donblas, henchwoman to Jake.

Trilla signed on as henchwoman with the fighter who is considered one of the greatest heroes alive in the land of Shahrivar. While she's good at following orders she also wants to prove herself and will not be condescended to. This attitude makes her a fit for the party but is likely to shorten her lifespan.

The young monk previously fought with a staff but is starting to fight in the normal manner of her order, using nothing but fists, feet, elbows, and knees to crush opponents.

Her gift is the same as Faraz's, her body has become resistant to magic and poison.

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