Thieves Hole
Module AA-04

As time permits I'll publish adventure modules of various levels. This is the first, as it's the most recent and most complete.

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Non-Player Characters

Dungeon Master Notes

The Adventure


Monster Experience Point Summary

Adventure Results


The scene is a fashionable, respectable merchant district in the city Ker, a situation ripe for theft, deceit, murder, and horror. The setting as the characters see it:

Railf Hognor, the respected owner and operator of Hognor Imports & Exports, has been having problems with pilferage at one of his warehouses. Even with armed guards actively patrolling, he is losing small and valuable items on a regular basis. He suspects an inside job, but all his people have been with him for years and he can't identify any one who might betray him.

One retainer of many years standing disappeared a week ago. No trace was found and Railf doesn't think he was involved in the theft nor that he ran off. He fears that the man is dead.

Railf has a new idea -- he hires the party to act as secret inside guards. They will be brought into the warehouse in crates, unbeknown to any but himself. Their job is to hide in the basement, identify the thieves, and if possible kill or capture them. Before dawn they are to get back in their crates and he'll have them transported out of the warehouse, where they will be paid off. He's offering a fee of 25 GP each, plus 15 GP each per person they kill, capture, or identify.

Sounds too good to be true, such an easy job!

The Inside Story ...

Well, it is too good to be true. Unknown to the party, Railf is the head of a crime organization that specializes in stealing small but valuable items that he uses his export business to take to other cities for resale. On the return trips he brings stolen items from other cities for sale in Ker.

Now in his early 60's, Railf established his business 30 years ago and has been very successful. His people specialize in theft and avoid violent confrontations. Not because of any qualms about killing; rather it's better for business if things disappear without any deaths. Killing rich, powerful people stirs up the law in ways that simple theft doesn't.

There are other crime groups in the city, but his is the biggest and strongest. He lives in an armed truce situation with the other groups -- he stays out of their territories and kills any of them who invade his. Sticking with his creed, there is no open violence and no bodies on the street. All killings are discrete and bodies disappear without a trace..

Up until recently his business has had no problems. However, in the past three weeks he has lost hundreds of gold pieces worth of valuable items, all from this warehouse. He can't figure out how it is being done, and has twice hired adventurers to secretly guard his basement where the most valuable stuff is stored. The first group found nothing, while the second group disappeared without a trace.

Under his warehouse basement are old tunnels that connect to another warehouse and two private residences (his and his chief henchman's), and lead under the city walls to a hidden entrance outside the city. He's used the tunnels since the beginning for moving things in and out of the city, for meetings, and to occasionally store things that were too hot for the normal handling. Long ago he made sure there were no extra entrances, using magic to locate all the secret doors and probing to make sure the caved in tunnels were truly impassible. Up until now he has believed his tunnels to be unknown and untouched.

Note that the tunnels under the city predate the current city by centuries, maybe even eons. The city has been razed and rebuilt numerous times, each new city building on the foundations of the old. As a result there are many hidden and lost tunnels below the city. These tunnels are part of a much older network, and while not currently connected to anything else, at points in the past they were.

The Rivals ...

Rival thieves led by Gelit Feldergard bought an abandoned house because they learned there were tunnels under it. These tunnels lead up to those used by Railf, and are separated by a caved in tunnel that was sealed long ago. Working carefully the rival gang dug through the cave-in and covered the entrance with canvas to which is glued rock taken from the excavation. The result is relatively easy to get through, but stiff enough that even casual touching will not reveal that it's an entrance.

Through this secret door Gelit sends his people to steal from Railf. His plan is to keep it up until Railf closes the warehouse or catches on. By that time Gelit expects to be long gone, and has transported his wealth out of the city and has made plans to flee at the first sign of trouble.

The rival gang is aware of the secret door leading up to the warehouse, but has not located the other secret doors.

Double Cross ...

Into this conflict the party is led.

Railf has a belief that two can keep a secret if one is dead. Sticking with that belief he killed the first group he hired, transporting the crates containing them out of the city and then pushing the wagon off a high cliff. Regardless of what the party finds, he intends a similar fate for them.

Triple Cross ... (sort of)

Unbeknownst to ANY of the groups, the house that Gelit bought formerly belonged to a powerful magic user in the previous century, named Anchellano of the Golden Star. As his life faded with age, Anchellano made arrangements to be transformed into a lich. In the fullness of time he successfully made the transition from live arch-mage to undead lich.

Knowing of the tunnels below his house, Anchellano made provisions for his undead life. He moved all of his belongings, including his magical research laboratory and library, into rooms underground, and put some effort into making the house appear haunted following his disappearance. The vacant house provided his route to the surface on the few occasions he needs it, and occasionally the bodies of trespassers provided him with materials to construct servants and materials for research.

The lich is outraged that his house and his underground domain have been invaded ... especially for the crude purpose of theft. He intends to punish (by death) anyone even vaguely connected to the trespass.

His undead servants have killed some of Gelit's gang, one of Railf's men, plus the second party that Railf hired to guard his cellar. All disappeared without a trace, and are now currently his undead servants. Anchellano plans to kill everyone in the surface buildings over all the tunnels.

Although he has intelligent undead in his employ, he trusts them not. The vampire, Rabban, owes a debt to him and pays his debt through service. Anchellano used arcane magic to place the spectre and wights in thrall, and while they have some free will they are not free. All resent their servitude and while forced to fight to protect him, all will betray him if possible.

Anchellano prefers unintelligent undead as more trustworthy, if less useful, and so transforms all his dead enemies into zombies. The zombies he keeps until their flesh rots, at which time he transforms them into skeletons. He refuses to let the level draining undead transform any of his victims, wanting to keep them from building their own armies. He knows their hated for him and won't give them the opportunity to cross him. He has no fear of them, but is wise enough to not give them any opportunities.

The zombies and skeletons produced by Anchellano are MUCH stronger than normal undead. His process takes twice as long as normal, but produces much more useful undead. Accordingly these undead monsters are much more difficult to turn than regular skeletons and zombies.

Non-Player Characters

Following are the major NPCs who may or may not appear in this adventure.

Railf Hognor & His Gang

Railf Hognor and every member of his crime organization are strong and fit, ready and willing for rough-and-tumble, and to kill anyone who gets in their way. No quarter will be offered, and while Rem & Ram will fight to the death to protect Railf, all others, including Railf himself, will do their best to protect their own lives.

Note that any gang member who betrays Railf will immediately flee the city to avoid retribution from Railf, which will be painful and fatal.

Most gang members will not be involved in this adventure, but depending on how things go could become involved. The major NPCs should not be killed in this adventure -- the DM should take pains to keep Railf, Rem, Ram, and Afelnas alive.

Except where noted all gang members are human.

Railf Hognor

Railf Hognor directly hired the party, so he is known to them in his guise as a respected merchant. He involved no one else in the hiring or secreting of the party in his warehouse, as he doesn't know who he can trust. He suspects Afelnas Coop, his second-in-command who has been with him for over 20 years, mostly because he can't think of anyone else with the knowledge or skills to pull off the steady pilfering that is decimating his profits.

Railf's third in command, Silvas Rogard, disappeared a week ago and is assumed dead. This man was insanely loyal to Railf, so his disappearance looks especially damning for Afelnas, at least in Railf's eyes.

Railf is in his early 60's, in apparent good health. He is an active man and sometimes leads the caravans to other cities. He has a reputation for being pretty good with a sword, although not a true swordsman. He still has a full head of hair, iron grey, cropped short. At 5'6" he is of average height and of medium build. His gaze has an intensity that can be daunting, especially when he is upset.

While traveling he wears Leather Armor +4 and carries a Short Sword+3 . He always carries a Dagger +4, in a sheath at the back of pants. In town he appears unarmed but walks with his two body guards. His armor class varies, depending on whether he's wearing his armor or not. When traveling or conducting his real business he's fully armed and armored, otherwise he carries just the dagger.

AC 0/6; Move 12"; Thief 12; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-4; +4 Special Attacks backstab; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 41
S 12, I 11, W 14, D 18, C 14, Ch 14, Co 10

Rem & Ram

Railf's bodyguards are twin humans, Rem and Ram, who have been with him for over 10 years. They understand and support the real business Railf conducts, although their part of it is simply protecting him. They will be with him when he hires the party and will push the wagon off the cliff to kill the party, should it come to that.

Both wear their shocks of blonde hair short like Railf, in obvious imitation. Almost identical in height, Rem is 6' 4-1/2" while Ram is 6' 4". Both are extremely muscular and fit, and enjoy beating up on those weaker than them.

Both wear Chain Mail +2 and carry a Broadsword +2 and a Dagger +2. Each is double-specialized in the broadsword, giving them an additional +2 to hit and damage with that weapon, and 2 attacks per round instead of 3/2.

They also carry non-magical slings with a variety of special sling bullets. Each carries 12 Sling Bullets +2 and 3 Sling Bullets of Fire, which explode as a 6d6 Fireball on a successful hit. These will be used on groups at a distance.

AC 0; Move 12"; Fighter 7; Attacks 2; Damage/Attack 2-8 + strength; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M.
Rem: S 18/45, I 10, W 10, D 16, C 16, Ch 10, Co 9, HP: 65
Ram: S 18/54, I 10, W 10, D 16, C 16, Ch 10, Co 9, HP: 63

Afelnas Coop

Railf's second in command is a very capable thief, a man in his 40's. Like all Railf, his bodyguards, and all the other members of the gang, Afelnas is very fit. While it's not his primary function, Afelnas is more than willing to kill any who threaten Railf or himself. He will show no mercy to anyone who he believes is a danger.

Afelnas disagrees with Railf's prohibition on killing in the city, but won't go against the boss. Since he can't kill marks he takes his frustration out on rivals, who all disappear without a trace.

Except at social functions Afelnas typically dresses in Leather Armor +2 and carries his Longsword +2 and Dagger +2. He is never without his dagger, which like Railf he keep hidden.

AC 2/6; Move 12"; Thief 9; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-8 + strength; Special Attacks backstab; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP 63
S 17, I 15, W 12, D 18, C 16, Ch 10, Co 9


This dark figure is rarely seen by any gang members except Railf, and is greatly feared by all. Azeer is Railf's executioner, a remorseless assassin who never fails.

Unlike most of the gang, Azeer is a halfling. He is an accomplished actor who presents a guise of youthful ingenuousness even though he's in his 80's.

In reality Azeer is a remorseless killer who truly enjoys inflicting death. He pouts and acts petulant whenever Railf denies him a kill. His favorite sport is hunting and killing gang members who have betrayed the organization, and he is not above manufacturing evidence against anyone who earned his enmity. He is greatly feared by all gang members, sometimes including Railf, who is unsure why the halfling is loyal to him and fears that Azeer will turn one day.

Azeer never engages in straight on combat by choice. He always wears halfling-size Leather Armor +4 and carries a Dagger of Poison +4, loaded with a caustic poison that causes 1-10 points of damage with a saving throw for none. His first three strikes will inject the poison -- hits after that will be normal damage.

In addition to the dagger Azeer carries a Shortsword +3, a Sling +2 and a dozen bullets +5, along with another dozen regular bullets.

AC 3; Move 12"; Assassin 10; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-4 + poison; Special Attacks backstab, assassination; Special Defenses nil; Align CE; Size M. HP 50
S 15, I 15, W 12, D 19, C 16, Ch 14, Co 15

Other Gang Members

The other gang members are pretty much non-descript and will be sacrificed by the higher ranking members if necessary.

None of these hirelings is trusted enough to receive any magic items, nor are they successful enough on their own to have acquired any, so all items are non-magical.

Each carries a dagger, sling, and 20 bullets. When feasible all will carry short swords and wear leather armor, but with the exception of fighting rival gangs armor and swords is rarely necessary.

For muscle Railf has retained a group of low level fighters. These guys are not all that tough compared to average adventuring parties, but are good against the average group of rival thieves or assassins.

AC 8/10; Move 12"; Fighter 3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-4 or 1-6; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M.
HP: 21, 18, 27, 24, 18, 27, 30
S 14, I 9, W 9, D 14 C 14, Ch 10, Co 10

For thieving Railf has four teams of thieves. He found that for the types of theft they specialize in, groups of three work best, a more experienced leader and two "worker bees". For all practical purposes each of the four teams is identical

Team leader: AC 6/8; Move 12"; Thief 5; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-4 or 1-6; Special Attacks backstab; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M.
HP: 20
S 14, I 10, W 10, D 16 C 12, Ch 10, Co 10

Team members: AC 7/9; Move 12"; Thief 3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-4 or 1-6; Special Attacks backstab; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M.
HP: 12, 12
S 14, I 10, W 10, D 15 C 12, Ch 10, Co 10

If his people are killed, arrested, or desert him Railf will recruit new 1st level thieves and fighters to replace them. With diligent practice these recruits will progress to 2nd level after two months and 3rd level after six months.

Gelit Feldergard & His Gang

Gelit Feldergard is a relatively recent arrival to Ker, having come to the city only two year previously. He is rumored to have left his previous home, wherever that was, with assassins on his heels. The rumors also mention that he crossed his former employer and was nearly killed for his trouble.

Gelit has not been idle during his time in Ker. Initially he established a gang that attempted to run protection schemes. Unfortunately he ran up against Railf's gang, which frowns strongly on heavy-handed tactics.

That gang was decimated in fights with Railf's organization and some others, and had legal problems since the city guard was tipped off about them. Gelit, the only one not killed or imprisoned, laid low for a few months until the heat was off.

Then he tried muscling in on different other rackets, and was soundly rebuffed in all. Gelit tends to be heavy handed and makes enemies quickly.

His current gang is made up of disaffected rejects from other gangs. While not necessarily incompetent, his people are not the best examples of their professions. But what they lack in skill they make up for in savagery.

Having burned all possible bridges in Ker, Gelit's current tactic is to steal as much as he can from Railf and then run with the money, leaving his men to their fates.

Gelit Feldergard

This thief isn't actually a thief. He's a fighter, a former bodyguard who was driven out by his last employer for reaching for too much. He had to run fast and far to escape retribution.

Gelit is highly intelligent, but rather unwise, which is the root of his problems. His intelligence enables him to identify what he wants and plan to get it, but his wisdom always trips him up during the execution of those plans However, regardless of his lack of success in establishing a crime organization, he is a deadly fighter.

While initially making a good impression with his good looks and sharp wit, his low wisdom cause him to alienate people.

He always wears armor, dressed in Leather Armor +3 or Chainmail +3. When wearing chainmail he typically carries a Shield +2. His favored weapon is a Bastard Sword +3 with which he is double-specialized, giving him 5 attacks every two rounds and +2 to hit and damage. He also carries a Short Sword +2, +4 vs. Giants. He also carries a Potion of Ultra Heroism for use in emergencies.

AC -5/1; Move 12"; Fighter 10; Attacks 2; Damage/Attack 2-8 +strength & specialization; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align NE; Size M. HP: 99
S 18/98, I 16, W 7, D 18, C 18, Ch 9, Co 14

Robert Smith

Gelit's chief henchman is a human assassin. These two are evenly matched in temperament and proclivities, and are as loyal to each other as either is capable of being. They will protect each other to a point, that point being where fatal danger comes into the situation. At that point either will abandon the other to fate. Interestingly enough, each considers the other to be loyal.

Robert is very good looking and charismatic, and knows how to work people to get what he wants. This has made his profession as an assassin much simpler, and makes him all the more dangerous.

Presenting himself as a fop, Robert usually carries only his Dagger +4, trusting his ability with people and his fast reflexes to keep him out of trouble. When going in for a kill he may wear his Leather Armor +3 and carry his Short Sword +3. However, the dagger is his preferred assassination weapon.

AC 6/1; Move 12"; Assassin 10; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-4 or 1-6 + strength; Special Attacks backstab, assassination; Special Defenses nil; Align NE; Size M. HP: 51
S 18, I 15, W 11, D 18, C 16, Ch 15, Co 14

Other Gang Members

The remainder of Gelit's gang is low level fighters and thieves. Like Railf he breaks his group up into teams, one of which is detailed in B2. That team is the thief team.

His other team is a "leg breaker" team, composed of fighters. This team is typically wearing chain mail, carry short shorts and daggers.

Five fighters: AC 4; Move 9"; Fighter 1; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-6; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align CE; Size M. HP: 7, 7, 8, 9, 6
S 13, I 10, W 10, D 12, C 11, Ch 10, Co 10

Sub-leader: AC4; Move 9"; Fighter 2; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-6; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align CE; Size M. HP: 14
S 15, I 11, W 11, D 12, C 11, Ch 11, Co 11

Leader: AC 4; Move 9"; Fighter 3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-6 +1; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 21
S 17, I 12, W 12, D 14, C 11, Ch 12, Co 12

Dungeon Master Notes

This adventure was created for a party of three: 6th level fighter, 6th level cleric, and 4th/4th fighter/magic user. It could be successfully used for a more numerous 4th or 5th level party. Alternately, it could be easily beefed up for a larger 5th to 7th level party, especially if Anchellano happens to have more offensive spells in memory.

The Adventure

A1) Warehouse office. Contains four desks plus four filing cabinets. Safe hidden in floor under one desk contains 1,623 SP and 982 GP. During the day there are four zero-level clerks here who manage the import/export business. They are unaware of Railf's illegal enterprise and will "disappear" if they learn anything about it.

At night four zero-level men at arms patrol the outside of the warehouse, ad are forbidden to enter it for any reason. These men are what they appear to be and have no knowledge of the secret activities of the business.

A2) First floor of warehouse main section. One large room with 16' ceiling. Walls have large shelves up to ceiling, designed for bulk storage. Stairs go up to second floor and down to basement storage. During the day four zero-level humans are here, loading and unloading goods. They are forbidden to enter the basement. Like the watchmen and the office workers, these men have no knowledge of the real business conducted here.

A3) Second floor main area. Smaller shelves on walls up to 12' ceiling. Stairs lead down. The men from A1 may come up here as needed during the day.

A4 - A9) Locked storage rooms for smaller, valuable items. No windows although vents in walls provide ventilation. Contain variety of goods.

A10) Cellar storage room. Dotted lines indicate arches supporting the 16' ceiling. Stairs lead up. Under the stairs is a secret door that opens to a small room that has a ladder leading down to dungeon level (B1). The party will not find this unless they specfically look for a secret door here.

B1) Secret room contains a ladder leading up to the cellar of the warehouse (A10).

The end of the tunnel past the secret room is caved in. Characters can move rubble for 5' without finding the other side. Ceiling appears unsteady. If characters continue to dig there is a 5% chance per round that ceiling will collapse, causing 5-50 points damage per character. Warn characters each round of the unsteadiness of the ceiling and the crumbling ceiling..

B2) Conference room. The thieves meet here to report successes and failures, and to plan future activities. The room contains a large U-shaped table. In each corner are small cabinets containing 10 bottles fine wine each, plus wrapped packages of cheese, fruit, and bread.

The first time here the party will meet a group of thieves preparing to go up into the warehouse and steal more valuables. All are wearing leather armor, carrying shortswords and two daggers. These men are not looking for anything but an easy steal and will run from the fight when possible. Note: At least 1 thief will escape and will make it through the secret door (B4) without being seen.

Five thief apprentices: AC 7; Move 12"; Thief 1; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-6; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 4, 5, 6, 4, 5
S 12, I 10, W 10, D 14, C 11, Ch 10, Co 10

Sub-leader: AC6; Move 12"; Thief 2; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-6; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 10
S 12, I 11, W 11, D 16, C 11, Ch 11, Co 11

Leader: AC 5; Move 12"; Thief 3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-6; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 15
S 12, I 12, W 12, D 17, C 11, Ch 12, Co 12

B3) Tunnel runs approximately 250", ending in a hidden entrance outside the city walls. At the 7", 12", and 16" marks secrets doors open into small rooms similar to B1, leading up to the cellars of another warehouse, an inn, and a private residence (home of the Master thief). The warehouse and the inn are both owned by the Master thief.

There may be other secret doors in the tunnel, but if so they have not yet been found by anyone.

B4) This was a side tunnel that had been carefully sealed up. It has since been broken through. The rival thieves are using this access the basements of both warehouses. This tunnel has been well disguised with painted canvas that has bits of rock glued on it. Treat as a secret door.

B5) Following the defeat of the thief team in B2, the following day when the party resumes searching a fighter team will be ready for them in this room, which is otherwise bare.

All the fighters are specialized in longsword, getting +1 to hit & damage in addition to figures indicated.

Five fighters, wearing scalemail and shield, carry longsword and dagger: AC 6; Move 9"; Fighter 1; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-8; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 7, 8, 9, 7, 9
S 15, I 10, W 10, D 12, C 14, Ch 10, Co 10

Sergeant wearing chainmail and shield, carrying longsword and dagger: AC 4; Move 9"; Fighter 2; Attacks 1; Damage/Attack 1-8 +1; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 18
S 16, I 11, W 12, D 14, C 15, Ch 11, Co 10

Captain wearing chainmail and shield, carrying longsword and dagger: AC 4; Move 9"; Fighter 3; Attacks 1 (+1 to hit for Strength); Damage/Attack 1-8 +1; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align LE; Size M. HP: 30
S 17, I 12, W 12, D 15, C 16, Ch 12, Co 10

B6) This tunnel leads 10" and ends in another cave-in. At the 8" mark is a secret room containing a ladder leading into the basement of a private residence that has been rented by the rival thieves for this operation. At the 7" mark is another secret door that contains a ladder leading down. The characters will NOT find this one during this adventure, but may during a future adventure.

B7) This room is bare other than 6 humanoid skeletons standing against the walls. Any living creature entering the room will cause them to animate and attack with longswords. These skeletons will follow living creatures any where on this level and try to kill them. Dead bodies will be placed in B9 to await the lich's leisure.

Skeletons: AC 7; Move 12"; HD 3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attacks 1-8 +2; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses half damage from edged weapons; Align N; Size M. HP: 18, 21, 24, 18, 21, 24

B8) Another room, empty but for dust and dirt. The walls are bare and show no ornamentation.

B9) This room is used by the lich to animate undead. It contains 6 tables, three of which have dead thieves laying upon them, awaiting conversion to zombies.

B10) This room is also bare, containing more skeletons standing against the walls. As with the skeletons in B7, these will attack any living creature and will follow them throughout the level.

Skeletons: AC 7; Move 12"; HD 5; Attacks 1; Damage/Attacks 1-8 +4; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses half damage from edged weapons; Align N; Size M. HP: 30, 35, 40, 30, 35

B11) This room contains recently animated zombies, who are programmed as are the skeletons in B7 and B10.

Zombies: AC 8; Move 6"; HD 5; Attacks 1; Damage/Attacks 1-8 +4; Special Attacks nil; Special Defenses nil; Align N; Size M. Zombies always attack last. HP: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40

B12) Another empty room, bare of ornamentation.

B13) This room belongs to Rabban, a vampire indebted to the Anchellano. He will defend the lich, but not to the point of his own destruction. He will hear the combat in B11 and will move in to attack, preferably from surprise. If hit for more than half damage he will turn gaseous and flee.

The room contains a ratty old matching couch and chair, plus his coffin plus a chest containing his treasure: 763 PP; longbow +2; 12x Arrows +2.

Vampire: AC 1; Move 12"/18"; HD 8+3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attacks 5-10 + drain 2 levels; Special Attacks energy drain; Special Defenses regenerate 3 hp/round, magic or silver weapons to hit, immune to sleep, hold, charm, killed only by cutting off head, direct sunlight, or wooden stake through the heart; Align CE; Size M. HP: 59

B14) This room is guarded by a spectre in thrall to the lich. The walls of the room are lined with wardrobes, all containing rotted finery belonging to the lich. The spectre will hide between wardrobes and attack from surprise. Due to being in thrall to the lich, it will not flee unless turned, and if turned will return as soon as possible.

Spectre: AC 2; Move 15"/30"; HD 7+3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attacks 1-8 + drain 2 levels; Special Attacks energy drain; Special Defenses magic or silver weapons to hit, immune to sleep, hold, charm; Align LE; Size M. HP: 45

Hidden in a wardrobe the spectre has hidden a bag with 9 gems worth 200 GP each, and a Long Sword +2.

B15) This room is guarded by a pair of wights, also in thrall to Anchellano. The walls of the room are lined with expensive furniture, all desiccated with age. The wights will be sitting on chairs and will spring to attack Like the spectre they will not flee unless turned, and if turned will return as soon as possible.

Wights: AC 5; Move 12"; HD 4+3; Attacks 1; Damage/Attacks 1-4 + drain 1 level; Special Attacks energy drain; Special Defenses magic or silver weapons to hit, immune to sleep, hold, charm; Align LE; Size M. HP: 27, 29

Under a couch the wights have hidden a bag containing 1,331 EP.

B16) This room appears to be a sitting room, decorated in a style that was in fashion 100 years ago. Everything is faded and rotting. Sitting in a chair is a skeletal figure, dressed in extremely fine clothes, also in style of 100 years ago and also rotting.

Anchellano will wait until the party moves into the room, or until any member attacks. Then it will attack with spells.

The lich has been in its current state for well over a century and ultimately values its own existence. If things even have an appearance of going poorly for it, it will teleport to its secret laboratory, where it will contemplate its vengeance against those who invaded its privacy. The treasure hidden in the room is of no importance to it.

Lich: AC 0; Move 6"; HD 11; Attacks 1; Damage/Attacks 1-10 + paralyze; Special Attacks sight paralyzes creatures of 4 HD/levels or less with no saving throw; Special Defenses immune to cold, enfeeblement, polymorph, cold, electricity, insanity, death symbols/spells, immune to sleep, hold, charm; Align LEE; Size M. HP: 45

Spells: 1st level -- Magic Missile, Hold Person, Detect Magic, Darkness. 2nd level -- Continual Light, Detect Invisibility, Invisibility, Mirror Image. 3rd level -- Dispel Magic, Fireball, Improved Sleep, Slow. 4th level -- Polymorph Other, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Monster Summoning II. 5th level -- Teleport, Cone of Cold, Wall of Iron.

Hidden under various pieces of furniture the following. Several bags containing a total of 6,337 GP. A small bag containing 30 gems (10x 100 GP each, 10x 200 GP each, and 10x 300 GP each). A small box containing 26 rings, all valued at 100 GP each. Hidden in a lead lined box is a Mace of Disruption +2, and a Scroll of Armor Enhancement.

B17) Hidden room has ladder that leads down to another dungeon level, where the lich has his magical laboratory and spell books hidden.


Currently the map for this adventure is not available. I'm on the lookout for an inexpensive application that will generate JPG files. So far my search has been fruitless, but once it's successful I'll publish maps.

Monster Experience Point Summary

The calculations in the following table will differ from that listed in the DMG. I use a table based upon an alternate listed in Dragon Magazine in the mid-1980's. This table is listed in the DMG section of this site's menu.


Experience Formula

Average Hit Points

Point Per Monster

Monster Count

Total Experience Value

Thief - Level 1






Thief - Level 2






Thief - Level 3






Fighter - Level 1






Fighter - Level 2






Fighter - Level 3






Skeleton - 3 HD

85 + 4/hp





Skeleton - 5 HD

225 + 6/hp





Zombie - 3 HD

150 + 6/hp






3,100 + 12/hp






1,000 + 10/hp






285 + 5/hp






5,650 + 16/hp





Adventure Results

The original plan for this adventure was to allow the party to find the tunnel that Hognor uses, but to not find the opening that Feldergard's gang made. This scenario would run over 3 nights (game time), with finding the encounter with the undead on the 3rd night.

The party kept hunting for hidden side tunnels, so they found Feldergard's tunnel. Following an encounter with Feldergard's gang they found the secret door to Anchellano's (lich) lair and had an initial encounter there.

Yes, as DM I can let the party find only what I want them to -- and as a general rule I do that. But when the party does everything they should I often go with their flow instead of my pre-planned scenario. It's often entertaining, especially since I don't always know what's going to happen!

So the party exited the lower levels into the warehouse, scaring the outside guards. This started a confrontation that ended when the undead guards (skeletons & zombies) burst up through the warehouse, making cooperation among the living easier to accomplish!

The party re-equipped and went back down at dawn. They managed to kill everything except Anchellano and Rabban (vampire), and generally cleaned the place out.

In the aftermath Hognor was found out as a criminal and fled the city with his main henchmen. Feldergard's lower level gang members were all killed, and he fled the city. Once his people discovered that he had taken their gains, they went after him. And Anchellano and Rabban disappeared.

This worked out great! The party now has four new long term enemies: Hognor (and his gang), Feldergard (assuming his gang doesn't find him!), Anchellano, and Rabban. As a DM I love long term enemies as they're fun to bring back in just when the party has forgotten about them!

Copyright 2007 Bryan Fazekas