Bryan's Players Handbook Supplement
Spells Overview

February 2007

The pages in this section list all the spells currently available in my campaigns. Most come from the 1st Edition AD&D Players Handbook (PH) and Unearthed Arcana (UA). Some spells were published in Dragon Magazine, and the remainder were created by players in my and my brother Kevin's campaigns.

While the table at the top of each page lists ALL the spells for each class/level, the page contains descriptions only for the spells that were created by the players of our campaigns.

Versions of the spells published in the Players Handbook are available in the free OSRIC manual. The one significant difference between the OSRIC versions and the originals in the PH are that specific names are removed, e.g., Tensor's Floating Disk became Floating Disk.

While I have seen copies of the spells in the UA available in PDF on the web, I don't know of any versions that don't violate Hasbro's copyright. It would be nice to see the UA become part of a future version of OSRIC, or a publication like it. I've got an interest in doing the spells in that fashion, but time is the overriding issue ...

The spells I use from Dragon Magazine are in their original format -- I'd like to publish them but won't want to run into copyright issues. As with the UA spells, I'd like to "fix them" ala OSRIC but can't say if or when I'll get to it.

The table at the top of each page lists the source of the spell, using a code value. The codes are as follows:

Source Value



AD&D Players Handbook


AD&D Unearthed Arcana

DM xxx

Dragon Magazine, issue "xxx"

K & B

created by players in Bryan & Kevin's campaigns