Bryan's Campaign Manual
Non-Player Characters of Note

This page lists some notable non-player characters who have made the lives of player characters in my compaigns interesting, or sometimes hellish. The players haven't always enjoyed the encounters, but it's kept me entertained! :-)

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Creatures of the Lower Planes




Humans, Demi-Humans, & Humanoids

Kersichay, The Black Wizard
Rarfhen, The Mystic Swordsman
Shade of Trelhaem

Creatures of the Lower Planes

Described here are singular demons, devils, and daemons of significance.

Gilmedya (Singular Daemon)

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -4
Move: 18" / 24" (MC:C)
Hit Dice: 12 (132 hp)
% in Lair: 0%
Treasure Type: Q x10, X
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 9-16, 9-16, or 2x by weapon +8
Special Attacks: as per nycadaemon
Special Defenses: as per nycadaemon
Magic Resistance: as per nycadaemon
Intelligence: genius
Alignment: N
Size: L (9' tall)

Of nycadaemon stock, Gilmedya (or Gill as his friends call him) is a singular daemon in every aspect. His most significant divergence from his race's norm is that instead of being Neutral Evil he is True Neutral with Lawful Evil leanings.

Basically a loner, Gill has no fixed home and is often not welcome on his home plane. From a daemon point of view, his most unsavory habit is that of forming friendships with mortals, especially human and Elven wizards.

Gill is a mercenary, and while he has unsavory habits (to daemon-kind) his personal prowess with weapons and magic are valued, as are his abilities to plan battles and command troops of all types. While in the pay of various personages of the Lower Planes he has command entire armies, and no army he commanded has lost.

In addition to his normal nycadaemon magical abilities, Gill has magic user abilities at 12th level. He typically carries a set of traveling books with him, and is reputed to have hidden books containing all known (and many unknown) magic spells.

Gill always carries a Great Sword +5, with which he deals out 2-12 or 3-18 points of damage to small-medium and large creatures, respectively. He usually carries a Large Shield +5 which lowers his armor class to -10. In addition he may carry other magical weapons (including various bows) and 2-5 other miscellaneous magic items.

Bravery and integrity are the two things that impress Gill. He may offer friendship to fighter-magic users who display both, although for obvious reasons Good characters, especially Chaotic Good ones, may find his friendship too startling to be accepted.

Author's Note: Gill was just plain fun! He bailed the original campaign party out of a tough situation, in the process he slaughtered a pair of selamadaemons, creatures tough enough to give a 10th level party a sense of mortality. THAT convinced the party that they didn't want to mess with him. Took a fair amount to convince them that he was friendly.

I revived him for the current campaign (summer 2006). The party doesn't really understand what he is, only that he's a daemon and that he bailed them out of a tough spot. They don't know why he helped them and I'm not filling them in any time soon. Makes for fun when the party is wondering, "Whut tha hell?". ROFL!

Jxtl (Demon Prince)

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -3
Move: 9" (+6" hop)
Hit Dice: 141 hp (attacks as 20 HD)
% in Lair: 25%
Treasure Type: RST
No. of Attacks: 5
Damage/Attack: 1-4 + acid (x2), 2-8, 3-12 (x2) or by weapon
Special Attacks: hop for triple damage with claws, surprise on 1-5, acid
Special Defenses: +2 weapon to hit
Magic Resistance: 60%
Intelligence: supra-genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: L (9' long as toad or 7' tall as black elf)
Psionic Ability: 191
Attack/Defense: all/all

Jxtl normally appears as a large toad with two 5' tails. His skin is red mottled with black and is dry like a lizard's. Some times he appears as a Black Elf of great stature, standing 7' tall.

In his normal form he attacks with his twin tails for 1-4 points of damage each, and for each hit the creature struck must save vs. Poison or be injected with acid for an additional 5-8 points of damage. He also bites for 2-8 points of damage and can claw with his front claws for 3-12 points each.

In addition to his normal move he can hop for up to an additional 6". Unless seen before he hops Jxtl surprised on 1-5 and causes triple damage with his claws, which are his only attack that round.

In his Black Elf form he fights with a long sword in one hand and a short sword in the other. His great strength gives him +4 to hit and +8 damage. Jxtl always carries a matched pair of swords, each of which causes and additional 3-12 points of damage from acid on all hits that are 5 over his required hit value, and always on a natural 20.

Jxtl has the following powers available at will, and can use one per round: Detect Magic, Know Alignment, Silence 15' Radius, Charm Person or Monster, Blur, Spectral Forces, and Fear.

The following powers can be used one each per day, one per round: True Seeing, Symbol of Sleep or Stunning, Radiate Hopelessness 25' Radius, Magic Missile (9 die missile), Improved Invisibility, Chaos, and Gate 1-6 Chasme or Babau demons.

Jxtl is never found alone. There will always be 4-24 killer frogs in attendance, and a 50% chance of 1-3 Type III demons. Occasionally (10%) he will be found in the company of Is'Sel, his mistress and only ally, and her retinue.

Ruling an entire plane in the Abyss, Jxtl is known as the Toad Prince and as the Price of Deception. His word is never to be trusted, and he is an expert in pain and terror, reveling in the torture of innocents. He enjoys magical and biological experimentation, and is responsible for creating some of the most horrific types of demons.

Author's Note: Jxtl is the chief demon in charge -- while he doesn't rule the entire Abyss, he's strong enough to control some of the most powerful planes. His allies are among the most powerful demon lords, although alliances among demons are not exactly long lasting!

I killed him off once, but decided he was only slightly dead and brought him back for the current campaign. Not for them to fight -- just a manipulator in the background to make life interesting.

In my campaign world demon lords are basically demi-gods, possibly verging on lesser gods, so PCs fighting them doesn't normally happen. But they're fun to have in background as an enemy the party can't kill. Gives the party a MUCH needed sense of mortality!

Is'Sel (Demon Princess)

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -6
Move: 18"/24" (MC:C)
Hit Dice: 172 hp (attacks as 25 HD)
% in Lair: 25%
Treasure Type: STWX
No. of Attacks: 4
Damage/Attack: 1-8 + 11 (x4)
Special Attacks: disarm opponent on natural 20
Special Defenses: +2 weapon to hit
Magic Resistance: 70%
Intelligence: supra-genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: M (6')
Psionic Ability: 210
Attack/Defense: all/all

Is'Sel, at first glance, appears to be a 6' tall human woman, but only at first glance. Upon closer inspection the differences are clear: her skin is pure white as is her hair, and in contrast her eyes are flat, lusterless, black orbs. She rules an entire plane of the Abyss.

Is'Sel has the strength of a Stone Giant, making 4 attacks her round with the two long swords she carries. On a natural 20 any opponent must save vs. Wands or be disarmed. This is a natural skill, not a magical ability. She typically carries a Long Sword +3 and a Long Sword +3 of Stunning.

Is'Sel can use the following -powers at will, one per round: Infravision, Darkness 25' Radius, Detect Good, Hold Person, Silence 15' Radius, Comprehend Languages, Sleep, Detect Invisible, detect Illusion, Fear, Spectral Forces, and Confusion.

The following powers can be each used, one per round, a limited number of times each day: Prismatic Wall (1), Projected Image (1), Maze (1), Phantasmal Killer (1), Improved Invisibility (3), Wall of Force (1), Transmute Rock to Mud (2), Magic Missile (5 die) (1), Symbol of Stunning (1), Symbol of Insanity (1), Command (1), Gate (100% chance of success) 1-6 Chasme (6).

She is never encountered alone. Accompanying her will be 1-3 Type IV Demons or 3-12 Rutterkins, with equal chance for either. Occasionally (10%) she may be encountered with Jxtl, her only ally, and his retinue.

She has little fear of mortals, but usually chooses to use servitors to do her fighting. She prefers to stand in the background and use her powers to tip the odds.

Author's Note: Is'Sel has appeared in name -- she's cropped up as Jxtl's sometimes consort, and dangerous in her own right. I've never come up with a good story line that involves her, but may do something with demon worshippers that follow her. This, of course, means I'll need to make up a more detailed mythology for her ...

Reaper (Singular Demon)

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -10
Move: 9"
Hit Dice: 35 (221 hp)
% in Lair: nil
Treasure Type: nil
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 4-24, 4-24
Special Attacks: rending, silent movement/surprise, fear
Special Defenses: partial spell immunity, +4 weapon to hit, regeneration
Magic Resistance: 90%
Intelligence: high
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: L (8')

The Reaper is the single most dangerous creature known. It surpasses the most powerful demon lords, though it rules no plane. Instead it wanders. It has only one purpose -- to kill any living creature it meets.

In appearance the Reaper is basically humanoid, standing 8' tall. It wears a black robe with a cowl and the only visible parts are the heavily clawed, reptilian feet and large human-like hands, also heavily clawed. The visible skin is scaly and black. The face is unknown as only its victims ever see it, and dead men tell no tales.

It travels the planes at will, slaying every living creature it meets. Although more than capable of mass combat, it typically meets its victims alone. It has been known to do favors for some demon lords, but its reasons for doing so are as mysterious as itself.

In combat the Reaper attacks a single character, attacking as a 35 HD monster. If both claws hit and both "to hit" rolls are at least 5 over the minimum necessary to hit the Reapers draws its victim to itself and has the chance of a 15th level assassin's assassination of shredding and killing its opponent. In this process the Reaper absorbs the life energy from its hapless victim and destruction is permanent.

One half of the victim's total hit points will be added to the Reaper's, healing its damage and possibly temporarily increasing its hit points above its normal maximum. There is no limit to the additional hit points, but the points start fading at a rate of 1 hp per round starting 1 turn after receiving them. In combat against 0 level characters or creatures of less than 1 HD the reaper can destroy 20 per round.

Once a victim is destroyed it will select another opponent. If reduced to less than 100 hit points it will flee through the planes, although once healed it will specially seek those who harmed it.

The Reaper continually radiates Fear in a 25' radius, automatically paralyzing all creatures of 7 HD/levels or less for 4-10 rounds. Creatures of higher level get the benefit of a saving throw vs. Fear, failing indicating paralyzation for 2-5 rounds. The Reaper's other powers are Darkness 25' at will and to Teleport and Plane Shift once each per day.

Weapons of +4 enchantment are required to harm the reaper. Weapons of +5 or greater enchantment cause full damage, while +4 weapons cause half damage. The Reaper moves in total silence, surprising 1 in 20, and regenerates 1 hp per round.

Because it is a wanderer with no home, the Reaper may be slain on any plane, although this is not an easy task. But even in death the Reaper gains revenge, for upon death the body begins smoldering. Three rounds after death the body explodes as a 30 die Delayed Blast Fireball, with no saving throw allowed. Creatures immune to fire will still take 10 to 40 points of damage from the blast.

Author's Note: I invented the Reaper after reading the Elfstones of Shannara. It's an interesting idea but I've never had a group get strong enough to go up against it. Eventually ...

Ryflorin (Demon Prince)

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -7
Move: 12"
Hit Dice: 127 hp (attacks as 20 HD)
% in Lair: 25%
Treasure Type: AU
No. of Attacks: 3
Damage/Attack: 2-10 + 3 (x3)
Special Attacks: +2 on initiative
Special Defenses: musk, +2 weapon to hit
Magic Resistance: 65%
Intelligence: supra-genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: L (11' tall)
Psionic Ability: 207
Attack/Defense: all/all

Ryflorin appears as a humanoid of hill giant size. He has the strength of a hill giant, using this to great effect in combat. He fights with a 2 handed sword +3, although the sword has no additional special abilities. Ryflorin, for all his size and bulk, is very quick, giving him +2 on initiative, which is rolled separately from his retinue.

When aroused in combat he gives off a very strong musk from his green, scaly skin, which has the effect of a Stinking Cloud in a 25' radius. Creatures in the area of effect must save each round, and if the save is successful they fight at -2 to hit.

He has the following powers usable at will, one per round: Darkness 15', Infravision, Dancing Lights, Command, Pyrotechnics, Detect Magic, Detect Illusion, Hold Person, and Fear.

In addition Ryflorin has other powers that can be used once per day each, one per round: Power Word Stun, Meteor Swarm, Emotion, Gate 1-2 Type VI demons or 2-5 Type 2 demons with equal chance for either.

As is common with Demon Princes, Ryflorin is never encountered alone. There will always be 3-6 Type I demons and 2-5 Type II demons with him.

Even among demons Ryflorin is considered a coward. With a great number of servitors against lesser odds he shows great bravery, but against equal odds he quickly runs away leaving his servitors to die in his place rather than risk himself in any way.

Should he be cornered with no escape possible he will go berserk, blindly attacking any creature in range, friend and foe alike. In this berserk state he acts as if Hasted and his strength increases to that of a fire giant, giving him and additional +3 damage and +4 to hit. For this reason his servitors fear him, for he is the embodiment of Chaotic Evil.

Ruling an entire plane of the Abyss, Ryflorin has no allies. He has earned the contempt and distrust of all other Demon Princes and Lords, especially Jxtl and Is'Sel.

Author's Note: I invented this one with a need in mind ... but he got put on a back burner. I think I was planning a story line involving competing demon lords, but can't remember where I planned to go with it. In any case, it went no where.


Described here are distinctive dragons of significance.


Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -5
Move: 18"/48" (MC:C)
Hit Dice: 21 (160 hp)
% in Lair: 75%
Treasure Type: HIRSTUV
No. of Attacks: 8
Damage/Attack: 3-36, 3-36, 6-48, 3-24, 4-14, (x4)
Special Attacks: spells, breath weapon
Special Defenses: nil
Magic Resistance: 20%
Intelligence: supra-genius
Alignment: Neutral
Size: L (90' long)

Allanon is one of the most powerful singular dragon types, appearing as an incredibly huge green dragon. He is a powerful force for nature and is respected by all druids, regardless of deity.

In combat Allanon attacks with claw, claw, bite, tail lash, 2 wing claws, and 2 wing buffets. He can also use his breath weapon 6 times per day, selecting any of the following choices at will: fire, cold, lightning, chlorine gas, sleep gas, and slow gas. The fire and cold are cones 14" long with an end diameter 4". Acid is a stream 8" long and 1/2" wide. Lightning is a bolt 12" long and 1" wide.

All three gas attacks form a cloud 2"x2"x8" long. All attacks except Sleep and Slow do damage equal to his current hit points. Creatures Slept or Slowed will remain so for 2-8 turns. In addition, once per week he can perform a death shriek with an effective radius of 10".

His spells are druidic in nature and he may carry seven of each level in memory. Allanon also has the ability to travel ethereally between any of the inner planes and can Plane Shift to the Concordant Opposition. These abilities can be used at will.

Author's Note: I probably should have chosen a non-commercial name for this dragon, but again, he was created during the same time period as The Reaper. This dragon has appeared in all my campaigns -- more as a sage, although he was my sons' first encounter with a dragon. My youngest son bored him to sleep by telling him a long winded, absolutely pointless story. ROFL!

Humans, Demi-Humans, & Humanoids

Humans, demi-humans, and humanoids who strongly affect the world are described here. Please note that not all are still alive, but their effect upon the world are still felt.

Kersichay, The Black Wizard

Frequency: Unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -6
Move: 12"
Hit Dice: 25th level magic user
% in Lair: 95%
Treasure Type: varies
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attack: 5-10
Special Attacks: spells
Special Defenses: spell resistance
Magic Resistance: standard
Intelligence: very high
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: M (5')

Strength: 12; intelligence; 19; wisdom: 14; Constitution: 16; Dexterity: 16; Charisma: 14; Comeliness 8.

Kersichay is a human Arch-Mage who serves, and has served for over 1,000 years, the demi-god Abuna. Because of his faithfulness Kersichay has been granted unusual longevity and special spell abilities. Although less active in recent centuries, he is found most often in his tower in the Mithril Mountains.

Although not especially skilled in personal combat, Kersichay carries Staff of Lightning +4 and a Dagger +4 with unknown other abilities. He will avoid personal combat, preferring to use spells at a distance, but will not sacrifice his servants just to save his own life.

Kersichay saves vs. fire, cold, and lightning at +4, taking half damage from all effects. Magic Missiles fail 20% of the time against him, and a successful save vs. Magic indicates that he takes half damage. The side effect of this ability is that he, himself, cannot use the Magic Missile spell.

In addition to his normal spell complement, Abuna grants Kersichay certain spell abilities usable one per round: Light or Darkness (a), Continual Light or Darkness (4), Tongues (3), True Seeing (1), Insect Plague (1), Heal (3), Control Weather (1), Earthquake (1), and Creeping Doom (1).

He typically wears Bracers of Defense AC2, a Ring of Protection +4, a Cloak of Protection +4, a Ring of Feather Fall, and 3 Ioun Stones that each store 7 spell levels each.

Although his servants turn away most visitors, Kersichay is a sage with a major field of Supernatural & Unusual, with minor fields of Flora & Fauna. Because of the length of time spent researching all categories are treated as "special".

Kersichay's prices for information are stiff, and may not always be in the form of goods. He may demand a quest in payment for services. His extensive knowledge and even more extensive library made his services worth the price for unusual or important information.

Unfortunately Kersichay is known to be moody and sometimes very touchy. Depending on how greatly he is upset or insulted he may simply send the offender away, or may plane shift them into Hell.

Kersichay has developed special spells for summoning Devils to aid him. Each spell requires 1 segment per spell level to complete. The chance that the summoned devils will be well disposed towards him is equal to 90% minus the hit dice of the creatures.

Level 6 Spell: summon 3-12 devils of 1 to 4+3 HD.
Level 7 Spell: summon 2-8 devils of 4+4 to 8+3 HD.
Level 8 Spell: summon 1-3 devils of 8+4 to 12+3 HD.
Level 9 Spell: summon 1 devil of 12+4 to 16+3 HD.

Author's Note: Kersichay appeared in two of my campaigns, initially in the original Rendelshod campaign as a sage the party consulted a few times. In a later campaign I taught my players how much a mistake it is treat a current character as having the knowledge of other characters from a previous campaign. In this case a 5th level Paladin tried to treat Kersichay in the same fashion the player's 12th level magic user did -- the paladin was FAR too familiar with a very dangerous and unpredictable NPC.

Kersichay drove a glass dagger into the paladin's heart and vanished it. The paladin was told that if he further irritated Kersichay the dagger would reappear with quite fatal results. To get the dagger removed the party was required to go on a somewhat strenuous quest.

Expensive visits to other wizards, clerics, and sages not only determined that they couldn't remove the dagger, none could even be sure it was there!

If anyone has read the story "What Good Is A Glass Dagger", they know the situation. The entire thing was an illusion -- there was no glass dagger. ROFL!

This went on for years of game time, and months of real time. Finally the quest was completed and Kersichay "removed" the dagger and sent the paladin on his way. I later told the party what I did -- the jaw dropping action dented the table in several spots. The guy who ran the paladin was *quite* vexed with me and everyone else LOVED the joke!

Rarfhen, The Mystic Swordsman

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -9
Move: 34"
Hit Dice: 112 hp (20th level monk)
% in Lair: 50%
Treasure Type: nil
No. of Attacks: 3 or 4
Damage/Attack: by weapon +18 (x3) or 8-32 (x4)
Special Attacks: hands & feet equivalent to +5 weapons
Special Defenses: see below
Magic Resistance: standard
Intelligence: High
Alignment: Neutral
Size: M (6' 6")

Strength: 18/00; intelligence; 12; wisdom: 18; Constitution: 18; Dexterity: 19; Charisma: 14; Comeliness 11.

Rarfhen is the leader of the XXX Showda clan, and has been for over 1,000 years. Appearing to be a normal human, the secret to his longevity is a closely kept secret within the clan.

The XXX Clan is unusual -- it is the only clan of Neutral alignment.

Valior, Showda-to of Sharpness +4: Intelligence 17, Ego 17, Alignment Neutral. Powers: Telepathy, Detect Good/Evil 1" Radius, Detect Invisibility 2", Detect Magic 1", Read Languages & Magic, Heal 1/day, Teleport 1/day. Speaks Subterranean Trade, Common Trade, Elvish, Dragon, all natural woodland creatures.

Author's Note: The character Rarfhen never really went any place. The "showda" class was meant to be an improved monk class, more in line with a ninja. Someplace I have my original notes on the class, but I never finished it because it just wasn't working out. I've got an improved Monk from Dragon Magazine I need to tweak -- that will probably do better.

Rarfhen was intended to be similar to The Phantom, the comic strip character who the world sees as a single, immortal man -- while in reality it's an unbroken line from father to son. Here the intelligent sword was the key -- it was always with the Mystic Swordsman so it supplied any background knowledge the current Swordsman was missing. This carried the illusion of immortality.

I used the character once in a minor role and never revived him again. I thought about it, but just couldn't come up with good story lines. So the character write-up was never really finished.

Shade of Trelhaem

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: n/a
Move: n/a
Hit Dice: n/a
% in Lair: 100%
Treasure Type: nil
No. of Attacks: 0
Damage/Attack: nil
Special Attacks: nil
Special Defenses: nil
Magic Resistance: nil
Intelligence: genius
Alignment: Neutral
Size: M (6')

The last Grand Druid alive when the Wars of Rendelshod came to a close Trelhaem and his followers waged war to prevent the forest known as the Druid's Keep from being ravished. In the twenty years that the wars lasted he led his people in the wood's defense, surviving all his peers.

As the Wars came to an end a great mass of Black Elves and other foul creatures marched toward the Druid's Keep intending to destroy it and the many creatures who found refuge there. This terrible army included many creatures of the Lower Planes that none had ever seen, before or since. Leading this foul army was the Black Elf Witch Queen Oclavwa, who was legendary for both her powers of magic and the depth of her depravity.

A ragtag army marched north from the Druid's Keep to do battle, willing to give their lives to protect the great wood and it's defenseless inhabitants. The two forces met 10 miles north of the wood; the savage battle raged for 5 days.

Badly stricken, the druid led army fell back in a fighting retreat, making their final stand at the City of Marquelom, where the unequal battle raged again.

At the height of the battle Trelhaem met Oclavwa in personal combat. Trelhaem was as outmatched in this fight as his army was in the overall battle, so defeat appeared certain. Moments from defeat Trelhaem called upon a dark and arcane magic to turn the tide.

Oclavwa was consumed in a pillar to brilliant white light, and all of her followers were blinded by the light and stricken to the ground. What remained was a slaughter, not a fight, but the small fraction that remained of the defending force used the opportunity to ensure their complete victory. Not one member of that foul army escaped from the Druid's Keep.

In the aftermath no trace of Trelhaem was found. He was assumed destroyed by the magic he used to defeat Oclavwa. Five days later, next to the fountain at which he defeated the black witch a shadowy form came to be. The magic Trelhaem used was indeed a very dark one, and it consumed his material body and cursed his spirit to remain at the site for eternity.

What remained of the city was abandoned, and few visit it to this day. The Shade of Trelhaem converses with visitors and offers much information, but the price of such information is high, and never in terms of worldly goods.

Anyone who comes before Trelhaem with a question will have a prophesy made. These prophesies always come true, tend to be rather cryptic, and rarely bode good.

Author's Note: This NPC was useful just once. He provided the party with important information and set the stage for a follow-on adventure. That "prophesy" thing was FAR too much fun! I may revive this NPC for the current campaign.

Copyright 2007 Bryan Fazekas