Kitchen Liberation Organization, Mark II

What Is This?

One of the problems with the KLO dinners (see the KLO History, I'm not going to repeat it here!) is that it turned into an arms race. Every year we had to top the previous year. Not that it wasn't fun ... but the object changed from "fun" to "topping the previous year". The focus changed from the original root. It was not sustainable. It passed its time.

We didn't intend for that to happen. We kept thinking about "fun". But the focus changed anyway. Good intentions, road to hell, and all that. (Ok, it wasn't a road to hell but it morphed from what is was.)

KLO Mark II is taking KLO back to the roots: men treating their wives to something special.

Instead of having a yearly extravaganza ... the idea is to do something of lesser scale and far more frequently. Like monthly. Focus on the basic concept: fun.

The premise will not change. A few guys get together and surprise their spouses. The women will NOT know the theme before they arrive -- it will be a surprise. But it won't include building a beach or anything like that. Just good food, good wine, and cappucino (or something) to round out the event.

Each event won't be 4 or 5 couples. It may be just 2. It may not be the same group each time. Two simple goals: 1) Make it happen. 2) Make it fun!