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Kitchen Liberation Organization!

This site is home to my cooking pages, including the history and continuing adventures of the KLO!

Recent Site Updates

12 August 2011

I finally got around to acknowledging that the KLO is defunct. Updated the menu and pages. Stay tuned for KLO Mark II!

28 April 2008

I pulled a copy of all of Mom's recipes from my personal database and have them mostly formatted for publication.

21 April 2008

Broke the KLO section of my old web site out into a site of its own, renaming it Cooking instead, as I'm broadening the focus from its KLO origins. In upcoming months I'll be adding recipes and possibly other articles to the site.

November 2007

Two years in a row I must report that the annual KLO dinner will not be held. We're got some old on-going health problems and some new ones. In the grand scheme of life the KLO dinner drops low on the priority list.

However -- this is NOT the end of the KLO. Look for the forthcoming 2008 KLO dinner extravaganza!