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I haven't updated my journal in months. The big news is that Patrick, Eric, & I quit Bannard Soo Bahk Do regarding an issue I may address at some future time in my journal. I haven't trained in 2 months ... but am now at a point to look for a new school. Stay tuned ...

Bryan's Martial Arts Journal for 2009 now online, last updated 16 November 2009!

click on My Journal | Journal 2009 in the menu.

"The Spirit of the Shogun"
2003 Award for Outstanding Leadership and
Support to Region 111 ATA Schools

I received this award from Vision TKD in August 2003. Mr. Gailes deeply appreciated the time I put into the school and lobbied hard (I think) to make sure I got the outstanding contributor award that year. This statuette has been on display in my living room until now -- I relocated it to my dojang. I'm more proud of this statue than some professional awards I've received!