How to Perform Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun Il Bon

Korean terms used in this il soo sik (one step), in the order in which they appear:



Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun Il Bon

One Step (Il Soo Sik) Sparring (Dae Ryun) Number One (Il Bon)


Ready Stance. Translates as "Good beginning and good ending".This stance is used to begin and end all beginning hyung.


Stance. The position the body is in for a certain move. Stances include front stance, back stance, and horse stance.

Chun Gul Jase

Front Stance.

Ha Dahn

Low. This can describe strikes, blocks, and kicks.


Block. Any move that protects from an attack.

Ha Dahn Mahkee

Low Block.


Yell. Coming from low in the abdoment, used to aid in the release of energy and make strikes, blocks, and kicks more powerful. There is no exact way this is done, some say "kihap" while others say "hai" or "ai".

Choong Jung

Middle. This can describe strikes, blocks, and kicks.

Kong Kyuk

Strike. Usually refers to punches, but can refer to other attacking moves.

Choong Jung Kong Kyuk

Middle Punch. Target is the solar plexus, just below the bottom edge of the breast bone.

Choong Jung Mahkee

Middle Block. Protects the head and chest from attacks.

Myung Chi

Solar Plexus.



In Choong

Upper Lip.

Dollyo Chagi

Round House Kick. Strikes with the ball of the foot from the side.


Return. Return to ready position for the situation.


Relax. Bow to instructor, fix uniform, and prepare for next activity.

Description of the moves in this il soo sik:

  1. Instructor will command Choon-Bi -- Attacker and Defender move to Choon Bi Jase (ready stance).

  2. Instructor will command Prepare -- Defender remains at Choon Bi Jase (ready stance); Attacker steps back with right leg into Chun Gul Jase (front stance), executing left Ha Dahn Mahkee (low block).

  3. Instructor or Defender Kihap to signal Attacker to attack. Attacker steps forward with right foot into Chun Gul Jase (front stance), executing right Choong Jung Kong Kyuk (middle punch). Attacker holds this posture for the remainder of the exercise.

  4. Defender steps forward at a 45o angle with the right foot into right Chun Gul Jase (front stance), crossing elbows so that the left hand is by the right hip. Execute left Choong Jung Mahkee (middle block) with an open hand. Defender is stepping out of the path of the attack, so the block is primarily to ensure safety but does not necessarily need to contact the Attacker's strike.

  5. Defender immediately executes right Choong Jung Kong Kyuk (middle punch) to the Myung Chi (solar plexus), shifting the Huri (hips) to the left. The feet twist in place with the shift, but no steps are taken. This is performed immediately after step #4 as a "one-two" combination.

  6. After a brief pause, execute left Choong Jung Kong Kyuk (middle punch) to the In Choong (upper lip), shifting the huri (hips) to the right. As with step #5, the feet twist in place but no steps are taken.

  7. Step up with the left foot so it is behind the right foot. Execute right Dollyo Chagi (round house kick) to the chest or head. Pull the right leg back and put it down behind the left foot. Kihap!

  8. Instructor will command Baro (return) -- right leg steps behind the left leg and then the left leg moves left into Choon Bi (ready stance).

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