Bryan's Martial Arts Pages

This web site tells a bit about martial arts in general (mostly Korean arts), and more specifically, my adventures in the arts. Since July 1999 I've been writing an on-line journal of my experiences in martial arts. This will probably give some insights into my personality, and my take on specific styles, and on the martial arts in general.

Disclaimer: The opinions, descriptions, and histories described in the these Martial Arts pages are mine, and mine alone. I speak for no one else, especially any martial arts schools or organizations with which I have been affiliated, past or present. I've tried to make sure any facts I've presented are as accurate as possible, but freely admit that I may make mistakes. If anyone has any problems or issues with the content of my Martial Arts pages, or notices that I am in error, please .

My Journals

The pages under the "My Journal" menu contain a journal of my recent experiences in the martial arts. Although I originally used a different breakdown structure, my current structure is each year's journal in a separate page. That is my trade off between large file size and large number of files.

My journal begins with my joining Allen's Taekwondo in July 1999 and lead up to the present. My journal entries are written as things strike me. Some times I talk about what I did in class, some times I express opinions on specific things, and some times I philosophize. At times I will make several journal entries in a row, other times weeks or months may go by between entries.

The journals for 1999 through 2003 describe my experiences at Allen's Taekwondo and Vision Taekwondo, and document my efforts to earn my 1st Dan in Songahm Taekwondo. These are divided up by Gup rankings to the point where I actually earned my 1st Dan, and then due to the time it takes to progress from there, the entries are less clearly delineated.

American Taekwondo Association

The pages under the "American TKD Association" are a description of various facets of the ATA. I've tried to stick as tightly to facts as I can (although I am not going to claim perfection). Originally I had planned to publish information about forms, one-steps, sparring segments, etc. but due to copyright laws I decided against it. Anything published here is my wording, and may describe individual techniques but does not divulge copyrighted information.

Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation

As of May 2005 I've started writing opinion articles regarding the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation. More articles will be published as the topics strike me.


The remaining pages under the "Opinions" are more subjective, a LOT more subjective! :-). In these pages I've described my opinions of various things. These descriptions are totally mine, and may provide as much information about me as they martial arts in general.

Maybe you'll agree with me ... and maybe you won't. If you have an opinion regarding anything please feel free to e-mail me.

I hope you enjoy your tour through my psyche!