Bryan's Web Site Change History

This page displays the consolidated structural history of my web site. Listed on this page are structural changes to the site, e.g., addition & deletion of pages, behind the scenes changes (menu, CSS, etc), and similar things. Content changes in pages is normally NOT tracked.

To make things easier to read (well, easier for those who are not color blind) entries are color-coded according to the scheme used by each Section:

January 2014

Added wine making logs for 2012, 2013, AND 2014. I had them but never posted them!

June 2013

Beefed up my AD&D articles section, adding copies of all the articles I have published in & Magazine.

May 2013

Added my second AD&D campaign journal, The Hall of the Clerics of Tharizdun.

April 2013

Added a "Campaign Journals" menu to my AD&D site, and my first campaign journal, The Giants of Tharizdun.

November 2011

Added Wine Tasting Notes page!

September 2011

Added new joke! "Question".

August 2011

Added KLO, Mark II page.

Added AD&D Magic User Spells levels 5-9

March 2011

Added Wine Logs 2011 page!

Added new jokes!

November 2009

Added Wine Logs 2009 page!

Added Beer Logs 2009 page!

January 2009

My martial arts journal 2009 is now online!

November 2008

Added page for Fourth Level AD&D Magic User Spells. This page has been hanging around in the "pending" folder for a year and a half ... finally got to it.

Updated my AD&D site, reorganizing the menu, renaming a few sections, and adding a bunch of new pages:

Campaign Manual:

Dungeon Masters Guide Supplement

Monster Manual Supplement

Players Handbook Supplement

Other Sections

October 2008

Added "Critical Hits, Fumbles, and Unarmed Combat" page.

July 2008

Added "The Ostrich" to the humor list.

April 2008

Launched new site on my own domain!

Added Humor section to the Main site.

Added Wine Logs 2008 page!

January 2008

Embarq summarily cut my web site off with no notice!

My martial arts journal 2008 is now online!

December 2007

Added Wine Log 1996 and 1997 pages.

October 2007

Added page for KLO 2008.

Added pages for Third Level Magic User Spells and Monster pages for B and O.

Found discrepancies and duplication in the history pages. Migrated all history into one page with color code entries by section. This is the reverse of what I did a few years back when I broke the history into separate pages. Another case of history repeating itself

June 2007

Added D&D history page, showing the timeline of the various flavors of D&D.

Added Wine Log 2007 page.

May 2007

Added 2nd Level Magic User Spells.

Added a Beer Logs section with a single page, Beer Logs 2007.

Added a "Dan Essays" folder under the "My Journal" folder in the menu. In this folder are links for my newly published essay written as part of my test for 1st Dan in Soo Bahk Do, and for the letter written at the time of my testing for 1st Dan Decided in Songahm Taekwondo in 2001. The letter was formerly published at the end of my 2001 Journal -- it's now it's own page and the journal entry now points to it.

April 2007

New sections for spells and monsters created by players in my various campaigns has been added. First Level Magic Spells and the monsters Gree-Kin, Spores, and Spore Spitter are the first to be published.

January 2007

My Martial Arts Journal for 2007 is now online!

Published detailed descriptions of how to perform Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu and Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun Il Bon.

December 2006

Published a mead making reference sheet I used as an aid in a presentation to a group of bee keepers in June, 1997.

November 2006

I've been translating a lot more material into HTML for posting than I had expected I'd get to! Published today is Thieves Hole, an adventure module I ran Eric & Patrick through last summer, plus some major NPCs of current and previous campaigns.

Published article on beer making I wrote for a Keane internal employee newsletter some 10 years ago.

October 2006

Today marked MAJOR changes in the site: I finally admitted it to myself -- I'm NEVER going to do anything with the Visual Basic pages. So I dropped 'em (no big wow -- all that has ever been there is an introduction page!). Say goodbye to the Visual Basic pages (well *page*).

Not so visible, I've expanded my use of CSS to make the site look prettier with less effort. This will eventually touch all the pages, but most of it won't be noticeable to readers.

Added an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons section -- so far an introduction page and an HTML version of the Clerics Turning Undead article that was published in Footprints last spring. I've also published various tables, spell information, and background material of my campaign world.

I've started putting my wine logs from and early 1980's. So far pages for 1981-84, 1985, and 1986 through 1989 are online. I've also made major updates to 1998 through 2006, using the format I created for the early logs. This is easier to read and easier to maintain.

Moved wine logs and Sweetening whitepaper down a level in the menu.

April 2006

Wine Making 2006 page added. This page displays my efforts for wines started in 2006.

January 2006

My Martial Arts Journal for 2006 is now online!

November 2005

Added a technical article on hyung training, and added a backlog of journal entries from August 2005 to now.

Added a stub for the KLO 2005 dinner which was finally held recently! I'll get the recipes up in the next few weeks.

I've implemented a new menu structure for navigation. I was using TreeMenu, a freeware javascript control. I like the way it works, but the transition to it was major trauma, as was the upgrade to the successor versions. When recently checking for any updates I was taken to a company's web site (not TreeMenu's creator). I checked the URL and I did type it correctly. So I emailed, asking what the scoop was -- turns out the guy who wrote TreeMenu sold the domain. This company offers a menu control -- free for home users who post a link to their web site. This works for me! I piloted the menu system -- it's easy to implement -- just make ordered and/or unordered lists to represent the menu, format as I like, and add the correct javascript calls. It was quite easy to implement and updating it should be simple.

May 2005

Updated my opinion article on Dan Testing, re-writing the last section and moving to original to my journal. Added an article on SBD techniques.

Published the final version of my opinion article on Kwan Jang Nim, and added an amendment to my impressions of the first Dan testing.

May 2005

I've re-added the VB section to the site, although it's for Visual Studio.NET rather than just VB and VBA.

Renamed the "TKD" files to "MA" (short for Martial Arts). This is behind the scenes and should not affect usage of the site, unless someone has tried to bookmark a specific page.

Also, I modified the header frame content to show the date of my last martial arts journal entry.

Added two opinion pieces -- on Kwan Jang Nim H. C. Hwang and on my impressions of the first Dan testing I attended with the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation.

January 2005

My Martial Arts Journal for 2005 is now online!

December 2004

I've cleaned up the ATA and Opinions pages. Some pages have been combined, and others deleted. Things like the ATA and TKD history were brief, covered in other sites in much more detail, and pretty much pointless, so I deleted 'em! Other pages had overlap, so combining made sense.

I've done a major reorganization of my Taekwondo pages. Having left Vision TKD and joined Bannard Soo Bahk Do, I've renamed the page titles "Martial Arts", which is what I should have done originally as I've had training in a number of arts, not just TKD.

The ATA Instructor pages are now gone, as this is copyrighted materials and as I am no longer in the program I don't want to violate the ATA's property. Other pages that have MY descriptions of kicks and other techniques will remain, as it is MY description, not taken from anyone else's material.

I've also reorganized my journal -- originally each page was for a single belt, e.g., "Path to Red Belt" was all the journal entries I wrote as a Brown belt. It's now based upon a yearly cycle with a new page for each year.

Each page has a menu at the top, including (where appropriate) links to titles for my original "Path to XXX Belt" titles. It thought about yanking that out, but these were major milestones for me, so I'm keeping them! As I progress to new belts in whatever styles I practice, I will add similar journal section titles as milestones.

Finally posted the 2004 recipes. Still missing a few support recipes, which I'll post when available.

I've removed the VB section of my web site. Originally I had planned to publish all my VB6 classes, but never found the time to devote to it. Since I haven't touched it in 4 years, it's a good guess that it's never going to happen. Also, with VB.NET starting to grow the need (or interest) in my VB6 classes has waned.

July 2003

Added the progress, so far, of the 2003 Black Cherry Pinot Noir. Also added the frame for the Peach Chardonnay, which should be started next weekend.

June 2003

Made some organizational changes to the Taekwondo Instructor area. Added the tests and answers for the chapters in a new folder. Revamped the Life Skills to put all information for a given life skill in the same document, broken down by area (colored belt, black belt, or leadership).

Added the pages for the 2002 and 2003 wine making seasons. Now I need to add some content ...

Added a page and a teaser for the 2003 KLO dinner, which will be occurring in 2-1/2 weeks. The recipes will be posted after the event, to avoid ruining the surprise.

Updated the TreeMenu to version 2.3.2-macfriendly. This was not a minor upgrade, and required that I completely rebuild my menu system. Wasn't all that hard, but did take a fair amount of patience and concentration.

January 2003

Added new section to the Taekwondo area to cover the ATA Professional Instructor Program.

The KLO 2002 recipes -- Hawaiian Luau -- are now online!

Finally got around to upgrading to the version 3 of Morton Wang's tree menu system. Also switched to a dynamic frames system. Between these two changes my site should be accessible to all major browsers.

December 2001

The Path to 2nd Degree Black Belt Recommended is now on-line!

November 2001

The Path to 1st Degree Black Belt Decided is now on-line!

May 2001

I have reorganized the TKD pages to cover three areas: My Journal, ATA Background, and Opinions.

April 2001

The Path to 1st Degree Black Belt Recommended is now on-line!

March 2001

More KLO recipes for 1995 are on-line. Just one to track down!

The KLO 2001 menu is now on-line!

The ATA Belt Requirements page has been updated through Red belt.

I've finally added a page on ATA Block Training. This has been on my mind since September 2000, and I've finally done it.

February 2001

Modified this "changes" page to show most recent items first, regardless of area. This makes it easier to see what has changed most recently. I'll probably begin dropping things off the list after they're about 3 months old. The "Recent Changes" page for each section will contain a full history of that section.

The Path to Red Belt Decided is now on-line!

January 2001

I've located a few more recipes for KLO 1994/1995! We're still missing a few recipes for 1995; Jay has given me copies of the missing dessert recipes of some other years -- now I just need to find time to publish them!

I've broken up the ATA page, as a lot of it didn't really apply directly to the ATA. Now I've got a page on TKD background, ATA background, and my opinions on the ATA and TKD in general.

The KLO 2001 page has been started! (Don't expect too much detail yet -- it would ruin the surprise!)

Replaced the navigation bar with a freeware JavaScript tree. It works really well and I'm very pleased with the results.

Most of the KLO recipes for 1994, 1995, and 2000 are now posted!

December 2000

Added a "Favorite Links" page to the main menu, listing some of my favorite non-commercial web sites.

Belt Requirements and ATA Kicks updated.

Frames-based version of this site is published!

Path to Red Belt Recommended is now on-line!

April 2000

The KLO menu for the 2000 dinner is now posted!

October 1999

Posted the first information about the 1999 wine making season.

July 1999

Site goes on-line!