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30 Jan 2014

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12 Aug 2011

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13 May 2009

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12 Apr 2014

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25 April 2008

I finally gave up on ISP-provided web sites. After Embarq summarily cut my Earthlink site off with no warning at the end of January I was disgusted. When I found out that the web space they provided in its place required I use their non-user-friendly tool, forcing me to completely rebuild my site from scratch?

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I did the research, bought a domain, signed up with a host provider (Kinamatix, who is treating me beautifully!), and here I am!

In moving my site I've taken a step I had considered at various times -- I broke the site up into separate sites. Each section of my site is very much separate, and given that readers of one section may not be interested in the others, I went and did it. This has the side effect of simplifying the menu for each site. And if someone *is* interested in reading other sections? That's why hyperlinks were invented ...

The links in the menu on the left navigate to my other sites.

Note: Each site has its own frames organization and appears relatively identical except for the color. I adopted color coding for each section a few years back, making it easier to figure out where I am at any time..

After some thought I decided to keep the site history as a single page on this site. This just makes it that much easier to maintain, and if I change my mind in a few months (or years), I can easily re-combine everything.