Beer Making -- 2009

09 November 2009

Saturday I stopped in American Brewmaster to purchase a wine kit. A beer making demonstration was in progress, I talked to a few people ... purchased a Spiced Pumpkin Ale kit. First batch of beer in 2-1/2 years ...

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Spiced Pumpkin Ale

08 Nov 2009



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Spiced Pumpkin Ale

I think I'll get back into beer production ... not like I did 25 years ago, but probably a batch every 3 or 4 months. I have an occasional hankering for beer, and that should do it.

One major thing to note is that there is no pumpkin in this wine. It's "pumpkin spice", not pumpkin ... which makes me wonder what pumpkin ale would taste like ...



6.6 lbs light malt extract

steeping grains

4 oz each honey malt, chocolate malt, crystal 40 L malt

bittering hops

1 oz cascades, 1/2 oz fuggles

flavoring hops

1/2 oz fuggles


American Ale Yeast


pumpkin spice mix

whirlfloc tablet

Beermaking Actions




The plan was to following the kit directions exactly ... which failed on the first step. I'm supposed to put 2-1/2 gallons water in the pot, mine will only hold 2 (allowing for adding malt and having room for boiling). Ok, this will work anyway.

Brought water to 155F (approximately), added steeping grains enclosed in muslin bag. Simmered for 30 minutes. Had a houseful of kids, turned the heat off and let it set for 30 minutes while tending to other things. Pressed excess liquid out of grains before discarding.

Added all malt to pot, brought to a boil. Added bittering hops. Had no real problem with boil-over this time, but kept a glass of cold water ready just in case. Boiled 45 minutes.

Added flavoring hops and whirlfloc tablet; boiled another 15 minutes. Stirred in spice packet.

Activated yeast in warm water and 1 Tbsp sugar. Moved the pot to the sink, poured ice all around it. Stirred periodically for 30 minutes until wort was not scalding. Poured into sterilized primary fermenter, topped with cold water to 5-1/4 gallons. Added activated yeast.



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