Welcome to my Wine & Beer Making web site!

In these pages I record my wine and beer making logs, and some original white papers I've written on the subject.

Recent Site Updates

January 2014

Purchasd three kits: Spanish Tempranillo, South African Pinotage, and Australian Petit Verdot!

March 2014

Bottled the Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot and a Gewurztraminer kits, plus the apple wine!

January 2014

Started two kits, a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot and a Gewurztraminer!

I also finally got around to posting my wine making log for 2012, and started them for the 2013 and 2014 wines.

December 2013

Started a couple of batches of apple wine produced from red delicious apples purchased from the Raleigh Farmer's Market. The first is from apple juice, the second is a "second run" from the pulp left over from juicing the apples.

January 2012

Bottled Australian Chardonnay and Veiux Chateau du Roi kits!

November 2011

Published my beer making logs from 1985!

Started Australian Chardonnay and Veiux Chateau du Roi kits!

September 2011

Bottled the Pinotage, Green Apple/Riesling, & Pomegranate/Zinfandel kits!

May 2011

Bottled the Chardonnay/Semillon kit!

Apr 2011

Started the Pomegranate/Zinfandel kit!

March 2011

Finally bottled the Barolo kit and started a South African Pinotage kit!

Went bonkers on wine kits -- started Chardonnay/Semillon and Green Apple/Riesling kits, and purchased a Pomegranate/Zinfandel kits!

December 2009

Started a Barolo kit!

November 2009

Started a Spiced Pumpkin Ale kit and finally bottled the Gewurztraminer!

December 2008

Patrick & I stopped at American Brewmaster today. During the visit I explained beer making to him along with what all the products are for beer making. He's interested in the beer making, but not in drinking beer. He's tasted the beers I like and finds the beverage to be disgusting! Oh, well ... that will last no longer than it takes him to get to college!

Extracts were on sale so I purchased an Irish Creme and a Chocolate/Almond. Made up the chocolate/almond which reminds me of Kahlua (although no coffee flavor). Plus I purchased a rootbeer extract for making soda. Last year I purchased a cherry extract and have made soda several times, which the boys love!

But my primary reason for going to American Brewmaster was to buy another wine kit. My Blueberry/Pinot Noir is down to *10* bottles and I thought of buying another, or a white wine fruit kit. But I ended up buying a Gewurztraminer ... although I think the Green Apple/Riesling is on the list for next time ...

I immediately started the Gewurztraminer kit. Oh, I bottled the Red Zinfandel Kit. Was going to bottle it 2 weeks ago but didn't have time, so I made time today.

October 2008

Started a Red Zinfandel Kit!

June 2008

Updated Wine Making Log 2008. Bottled Blueberry/Pinot Noir!

May 2008

Started the Blueberry/Pinot Noir, a kit I purchased last year.

Bottled both the 2007 wines, the port and cream sherry kits.

April 2008

Finally got around to bottling the 2006 Nebbiolo d'Alba! I also got around to updating the wine making logs for 2006, 2007, and creating one for 2008.

Broke the wine & beer making section of my old site into a site of its own, greatly simplifying the menu. As part of this I added a News page and a Links page that is wine & beer specific.

December 2007

I finally found my records notebook which contained a huge number of logs I had not previously published. Today I've added Wine Making Logs for 1996 and 1997. I think I've published records for everything I've done!